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Liberating your home, business, factory, farm, school, warehouse or shopping centre from the volatile national grid will result in long-term sustainability with immediate cost benefits.

Industry Specialists

SolarSkye specialises in complete turnkey energy and water management solutions, from initiation, engineering, design, installation and commissioning of solar and water harvesting projects across a variety of sectors.


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How we do it

Our business ethos is simple – we build lasting partnerships with our clients, underpinned by the principles of service excellence on all levels, ensuring that our customer base is accustomed to us under promising and over delivering.


A PPA funds the installation of your solar solution through a contractual agreement, enabling you to buy PV-produced electricity at a fixed cost over a period of time, which provide you with immediate savings.


As with many high-value assets, your solar system can be financed by installment sale, with fixed payments over an agreed time period, after which term ownership of the solar system is transferred to you.


With no deposit or significant cash outlay, your solar solution can be rented at a fixed rate, for a specified lease duration. You will enjoy all of the savings and benefits from day one, without having to invest capital.


A direct purchase of your solar solution offers the benefit of a 28% tax reduction in tax payable, attributed to Section 12B of the Income Tax Act, supporting the installation of renewable energy sources. Your system will be serviced and maintained for the lifetime of the product, which can reasonably be expected to be in excess of 25 years.

The Process

Consult & Site Audit

Solution Design & Discussion

Approvals & Installation

Inspections & Commissioning

Monitoring & Maintenance

Water harvesting & Filtration

As much as renewable energy is a pressing concern in a climate of global warming, so too is the consistent and affordable supply of clean water. Along with solar energy, SolarSkye is equipped to offer a range of water harvesting and filtration solutions in both the residential and commercial sectors. Providing alternate solutions for traditional municipal utility services allows our customers more independence from a cripplingly unstable power supply as well as exorbitantly expensive water delivery.

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