Let the sun work for you

We install

solar systems

With a market flooded with products, we know that you need something of high quality you can trust

We consult for

optimal results

We believe in building friendships. If you switch to us, you can expect expert advice.

We save

you money

We want you to be kind to nature. We also want you to save money in the long run.

Why solar is for you

Benefits of using SolarSkye

  • Experience instant saving from day one
  • Protect yourself from future energy rate increases by ESKOM
  • Increase the value of your property 
  • GUARANTEED production for 25 years
  • Low maintenance needed
  • As long as the sun exists you will have electricity
  • No carbon footprint
  • Load shedding will not affect you
  • A qualified Electrical engineer will be there to commission and issue a CoC certificate. 

Saving with solar

The average South African household consumes about 1 kW per hour of electricity, or 900 kWh per month. For example, an energy efficient fridge will use about 350 kWh per year (at an average utility cost of R1.65/kW, that is less than R250/yr); while a large plasma screen TV can use as much as 700 kWh per year (about R500/yr). Read more…


SolarSkye is a South African Solar and energy consultation company that designs, sells and installs complete Solar turnkey solutions to the following sectors: Residential, Commercial, Mining, Industrial and Agriculture. SolarSkye is a privately owned company, founded in an effort to bring affordable High quality Solar power to the general public.

SolarSkye prides itself in the retailing of top quality products from various suppliers across the globe. The names Solaredge, SMA and IBC are synonymous with quality and durability in the solar market, to mention only some of the products we use.


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