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SolarSkye is a solar company with a simple business ethos: buy high quality products directly from the manufacturer and pass these savings on to the consumer. As renewable energy becomes part of everyday life, more and more consumers are looking to save with solar but needs a low upfront cost, maximum returns and warranty security whether Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural & Mining. That’s where SolarSkye steps in. We have our own in house electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, designers and qualified solar technicians. We believe in giving our clients great service and to uphold a professional working relationship.

How we ensure Quality

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction of high quality best value for money photovoltaic systems
  • Operation of these power generation assets according to German standards




As a company we strive towards excellence in everything we do. We expect and value those that take this approach and will recognise and promote them accordingly.



To inspire a greener cleaner and sustainable tomorrow that works for everyone.



Our vision is to be the leading and most reliable Solar provider in Africa. Delivering top quality products and services to the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Mining and agricultural sectors, ensuring a sustainable greener tomorrow.

Environmental Conscience


As a renewable energy company the products we sell have a beneficial impact on the planet. We are working towards becoming a carbon neutral firm. Part of this is an expectation that our staff seek and promote activities that are environmentally sustainable and concurrently make good business sense.

Customer Focus


At the very core of our business are the customers who ‘go solar’ each month. We expect our staff to ensure that we delight our customers at every opportunity. Not content with being known as the best value solar provider in the market, we must also provide the industry’s best customer experience.



From being a start-up business in a growing and turbulent sector, employee initiative is integral to our success. Initiative is vital to resolve the many challenges that arise each day even if it doesn’t fit into your set job description or area of responsibility.



We have partnered with the best in the business to bring the most technically advanced Solar equipment right to your door.