Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

With electricity supplies in South Africa having become consistently inconsistent and the resultant adverse effects on the country’s economy, a move towards renewable energy solutions is becoming more a necessity than a luxury.

In the case of the Commercial & Industrial, Retail, Education and Agricultural & Mining sectors, SolarSkye is able to deliver clean energy solutions through a PPA, requiring zero capital expenditure on behalf of the client.

In these instances, the PPA fund provides the capital for the installation of solar PV (SolarSkye installing said PV), allowing businesses, schools, farms, mines and retailers access to renewable energy, whilst simultaneously enjoying immediate energy cost savings. This has the additional benefit of freeing these customers from uncapped energy price increases without the onerous capital outlay.

Throughout the term of the PPA, the client has the option to buy out the system and realise the full savings of what solar can offer.