Rent to Own Solar Solutions

Dec 12, 2023

Rent to own solar solution from SolarSkye

Enjoy Free Electricity Sooner With a Rent to Own Solar Solution

One thing we can expect as the festive season nears is load-shedding. Sun power is the answer, and a rent to own solar option could help you install it now. Apart from the value of solar systems in mitigating the inconvenience and other consequences of hours without access to power from the national grid, they play a significant role in protecting the environment.

Rent to own solar solution from SolarSkyeThe combination of those PV panels installed on our rooftops and in giant arrays on solar farms offers one of the most effective countermeasures against the estimated annual global carbon dioxide output of almost 15 billion metric tons from coal-fired power stations alone and the best defence against the mounting threat of catastrophic climate change. We owe it to ourselves, our planet and all life on Earth to embrace more sustainable ways to generate electricity.

That said, not everyone wishing to install solar systems can afford an outright purchase. However, if, for example, you are among those living in the Northern Cape and facing an arctic winter, you would probably not want to continue freezing while you accumulate sufficient savings. Fortunately, two options can make investing in solar systems significantly more affordable and, perhaps, even profitable. Let’s review each of these in turn.

  1. The rent to own solar solution: This option is commonly known as an instalment sale agreement, much like that used to finance vehicles and white goods. You can enjoy the comfort and savings of a dependable supply of free electricity whilst making fixed, affordable monthly payments over an agreed period. Interest will mean the total cost is higher than an outright purchase but well worth the option to enjoy the immediate benefits of rent to own agreements.
  1. Power purchase agreements (PPA): On average, South African towns and cities enjoy more hours of sunlight than those in Europe and many other countries. As a result, local solar systems often produce more power than their owners can use. By entering into this type of agreement, you could become a supplier of electricity as well as a consumer. The extra income could even be enough to cover the payments for the rent to own option. The PPA represents a contract between you as a supplier wishing to export excess electricity and a willing buyer like a local council or the national service provider Eskom in a process known as net metering.

 However, before you rush off to your nearest supplier to enquire about rent to own solar options, you will first need to understand the different types of installations available. Solar systems are of three kinds, each of which caters for differing requirements:

Off-grid, Hybrid and Grid-tie rent to own solar solutions

A power supply for use in isolated areas without mains power: An off-grid installation will satisfy this need because such regions are unaffected by Eskom’s brownouts and planned outages. The energy produced is stored in batteries for use during the hours of darkness, while a backup generator can help on those wintry days with little sunlight.

The most affordable means to generate income from a net metering agreement: If you want to save money and make money, installing a grid-tie system is your cheapest option. These systems require the minimum number of components and are still eligible as a rent to own solar option, leasing or outright purchase from SolarSkye. However, in their basic form, grid-tie systems provide no defence against power outages. You will be left in the dark when a mains failure or load shedding occurs.

The Most Versatile Rent to Own Solar Option is a Hybrid Installation.

Combining a grid-tie system with a grid-interactive battery inverter provides the best of both worlds: power whenever you need it and selling any excess through power purchase agreements. Contact SolarSkye for more about our rent to own solar deal and the best sustainable energy solution for your needs.

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