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Nov 24, 2023

Solar for Homes - Solar Skye

Solar for Homes Can Help Build a New Era of Clean Energy

Whether you are worried about the threat of climate change or energy price hikes, installing solar for homes will ensure both economy and sustainability. The repeated warnings of eco-warriors like Greta Thunberg are no longer necessary to convince us of the dangers of global warming and the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions.

During the past few months, we have seen ample evidence of unprecedented weather conditions to leave us in no doubt about the accuracy and seriousness of these prophecies. October 2023 was the fifth consecutive month of record-high temperatures worldwide.

Although it could be decades before the promise of cheap, clean and sustainable energy from fusion reactors is even feasible, there are several viable alternatives, including wind and wave power, nuclear fission and geothermal energy. However, these all require substantial investments in infrastructure, and most are long-term projects.

In the meantime, SolarSkye offers an affordable and highly effective solution for homeowners concerned about their constantly increasing monthly electricity bills and the planet’s future – home solar systems.

How solar for homes works

solar for homes, solar systems from Solar SkyeThe Earth receives 44 quadrillion watts of energy from solar radiation every year. That’s equivalent to the combined output of 44 million large power plants. Until recently, the planet radiated enough of that energy back into space, providing a safe climate for plants and animals. Atmospheric pollutants have reduced the radiation effect, causing abnormal weather conditions.

Solar systems can trap a portion of this incoming energy, converting it to electricity and reducing dependence on harmful fossil fuels. Home solar systems are of two main types:

  • Photovoltaic (PV): These are the typical rooftop black panels and the more popular choice of homeowners. They are made of one or more thin layers of semiconducting material deposited on a non-reflective, heat-absorbent backing of metal, plastic or glass.Photons striking the semiconductor dislodge electrons to produce a direct current, which may be stored in a battery or used directly after conversion to AC by an inverter. A photovoltaic installation will reduce your monthly electricity bill substantially, and you may even be able to sell any excess power to a commercial service provider.
  • Solar thermal energy (STE): You might have noticed that water from your garden tap gets hot when the summer sun warms the pipes. Thermal solar systems exploit this phenomenon, bypassing heaters and diverting some water from the domestic supply through an array of pipes mounted on the roof. However, although showering and washing up will be cheaper, thermal solar for homes doesn’t generate electricity, so savings are minimal.

Installing solar for homes

Firstly, PV panels are the option of choice. Secondly, while you might be a talented DIY enthusiast, installing solar panels requires the skills and experience of a professional. Furthermore, attempting to tackle the job yourself will be challenging and faulty work could void the warranty.

Your energy requirements vary. How much power you need will depend on the size of your home, the number of family members, how many electrical appliances you have and how much electricity they consume. Don’t risk hiring just any installer by Googling “solar installers near me”. A trained SolarSkye installer will use these parameters to calculate the number of panels necessary to optimise your home solar installation and maximise your savings.

Top reasons to choose solar for homes from SolarSkye 

 We aim to build lasting customer partnerships by providing affordable, reliable products and services. To that end, we offer a stepwise process beginning with a site audit from which we determine a design solution. We then obtain approval for the installation before inspection, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.

The installation cost is funded under the Power Purchase Agreement, and our flexible payment option means you can buy home solar systems outright, rent them, or pay in instalments. Why not get in touch to start saving some cash and keeping the planet safe for future generations?

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