Solar Sense

Oct 3, 2023

Among the many reasons why homeowners install solar to their homes, electricity cost savings and benefits to the environment are two of the most common. Reducing or eliminating your energy bills, in a world where our municipal costs rise faster than the sun itself, would be pretty amazing.

Imagine independence

Imagine not being plunged into darkness during loadshedding? Creating an independent power source would liberate your household from the paralysing powerlessness that South Africans endure daily when the grid is under strain, as our power-supply crises continue unabated. No noisy
generator kicking in, no harmful fuels to fill said generator with. Just pure, clean energy flowing through your home straight from the sun.

Its getting hot in here

Did you know that electricity production generates the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions? These gases trap heat and make the planet warmer. (So people switch on their air conditioners, powered by grid electricity. And create more greenhouse gases…) Electricity created
from renewable resources such as solar, does not contribute to climate change, since no fuels are combusted in the process.

Property perks

Studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. A home with energy saving features is positioned more favourably than a similar home without it, since not only are the long-term savings very attractive, but responsible citizens are looking to reduce grid dependence as much as possible.

Smart solar solutions

If you’re ready to consider reducing your carbon footprint along with your energy bills and dependence on grid power, whilst increasing the resale value of your property, SolarSkye can conduct a load profile evaluation based on your current electricity usage to illustrate your potential savings. Focused on building long-term partnerships by delivering exceptional service, SolarSkye’s qualified and reliable team should be your trusted smart solar solutions provider. Get in touch with Russell Belgrove to discuss your needs on / 068 229 1550 and start saving today.

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