Why Turnkey Solar Solutions?

Jan 22, 2024

Turnkey solar solutions from SolarSkye for business or residential solar

Turnkey Solar Solutions To Meet All Power Needs

Our families and businesses are caught between soaring energy prices and frequent power interruptions, but turnkey solar solutions could be their salvation. As most South Africans are only too aware, the primary explanation for this crisis lies with shortfalls in the infrastructure necessary to maintain the steadily increasing demands of consumers. In a nutshell, we don’t have enough power plants, and many of those we have are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Where once the average home might have contained a fridge, an electric cooker, lights, a TV and perhaps a microwave oven, we can now add PCs, mobile phones, game consoles, air fryers, espresso machines and numerous other energy-gobbling electronic devices, more than enough to justify a home solar installation. In the workplace, industrial robots now frequently perform intricate, dangerous or menial tasks with minimal supervision but only at the expense of additional power consumption.

Turnkey solar solutions to meet everyone's power needs - SolarSkye

More seriously, our hunger for energy now threatens the planet and all life on it. The warning that continuing dependency on coal to generate electricity could precipitate climate change is no longer a theory. It’s happening! 2023 has been officially recognised as the hottest year ever worldwide, characterised by flooding, wildfires, and powerful storms. Wind and solar farms still only meet a tiny fraction of the national demand. We must stop relying on service providers to develop new solutions. We owe it to ourselves and the planet to personally embrace the available turnkey solar solutions.

Applications for Turnkey Solar Solutions 

The energy released by solar fusion of hydrogen in a single hour is sufficient to power Earth’s needs for a year. While PV panels can only convert a minute fraction of this power to electricity, that fraction can be invaluable in diverse applications. For example:

  • Shopping centre solar system: Supermarkets operate multiple fridges, freezers, neon displays and till points while lighting and aircon add to their energy spend. Cinemas, bowling alleys, and ice rinks are open until late, burning kilowatts indiscriminately. A solar system could save them a fortune.
  • Solar for offices: Typewriters are museum pieces. Modern offices rely on computers for almost every facet of their operation. Outages could mean lost or corrupt data without backup power, with disastrous consequences. 
  • Solar systems for farms: Agriculture is perhaps our most vital industry, feeding millions of citizens annually. Modern farms can’t function without electricity but are often remote from the grid. However, their open-air location is ideal for harnessing the sun’s power. 
  • Solar systems for mines: As a substantial contributor to the carbon footprint, the mining industry has much to gain from the switch to clean energy. Their remote locations often call for specialised turnkey solar solutions. 

While mining and agriculture combined only account for 17% of South Africa’s energy use, businesses use around 13%, and families are responsible for 17% and have much to gain by switching.

  • Business solar: Small to medium-sized businesses have been badly hit by load shedding, some losing more than 60% of their revenue and forced to lay off staff. Turnkey solar systems can prevent lost production, reduce costs, and even provide an additional income stream. 
  • Residential solar: On average, we only spend around eight hours at work and maybe two more commuting. While at home, during the remaining hours, we rely on electricity for warmth, light, cooking, entertainment and security. Without a home solar system, when those scheduled blackouts strike, it could be like spending your evening in the seventeenth century.

Turnkey Solar Solutions from Solar Skye 

Our electricity supply is in crisis, and only by installing solar for offices, shopping centre solar systems, solar systems for farms and mines, business solar, and residential solar can we overcome it. Solar Skye specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of these. Contact us to begin your quest for cheaper, cleaner, more sustainable and reliable electricity, whatever your needs.


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